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Innovation is our middle name. Literally.


We are WMW Innovation Company, makers of the innovative, new Sure-Strike strike plate home improvement system.


Our company started with a simple, yet revolutionary idea: to create an adjustable strike plate for your out-of-alignment doors that would also address the rising home security threat of kick-in burglaries and home invasions.


The development of a single, affordable strike plate to accomplish both goals has been the diligent work of many dedicated design, engineering, manufacturing, and home improvement professionals over the course of four years. The result is Sure-Strike, protected by US Patent No. 7,686,356 and multiple trademarks.  Today, we’re excited to offer you our remarkable product unlike any other.


But Sure-Strike is truly just the beginning, as WMW Innovation Company continues to develop new products to enhance the safety and functionality of your home.

Home hardware for home security doors regardless of door knob and deadbolt
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