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HOA security leader discussing safety door locks home hardware

Judy Whalen, President

Forest Hills Security Program, Dallas, Texas


"Sure-Strike is another layer of protection for homeowners looking to put up barriers between themselves and burglars. We recommend that homeowners don’t rely on a single prevention method, such as a burglar alarm.  Security lights, sturdy locks, reinforced doors, and more secure strike plates, such as Sure-Strike, are all part of that very important equation.”

Sgt. Steve Garst, L.C.C. Certified Crime Prevention and C.P.T.E.D. Specialist

President, North Texas Crime Prevention Association


“It is widely known among law enforcement and crime prevention professionals that the area around the door strike is normally the weakest part of the door assembly.  Most lock manufacturers supply a very small strike plate which does not allow much reinforcement of the door frame area. This is complicated by the fact that only very short screws, normally ¾ of an inch in length, are furnished with which to secure the strike plate to the door frame.


This weakness is often enhanced by the fact that the strike plate has an opening to accommodate the latch which is larger than the latch itself. This is done by the manufacturer to allow for misaligned or warped doors, or other issues that for whatever reason does not allow the latch to line up squarely with the strike plate. This feature therefore allows the door latch to have some “play” within the strike plate, often allowing the door to move slightly back and forth. Any reinforcement of the strike plate area by a larger plate, longer screws or incorporation of a feature to minimize the “play” in this larger opening will help to make any door more secure.


There are a variety of after-market products that address some or all of these issues. Sure-Strike is one such product. It increases the surface area of the strike plate itself with a larger surface than the one normally supplied with a lock assembly, thereby adding strength to the facing of the door. At the same time, longer screws are provided with which to secure it to the facing, thus securing the strike not only to the door facing but into the walls studs, as well. Further, the patented feature within the mechanism itself addresses the issue of misaligned doors. It allows the door latch to engage the strike, while simultaneously eliminating the “play” in the latch/strike mating.  This provides for an all-around stronger, and therefore safer, assembly.


As with anything related to crime or criminal activity, there are no guarantees that any lock, strike or combination thereof will successfully prevent a break-in. Anything made by man can be defeated by man. However, everything a homeowner does to address known security issues should help to make their home or business more secure.”


What Sure-Strike customers and industry experts are saying:



"Wow! It looks great and works even better  than I imagined!"

Mickey Ludwig, homeowner


“This is one of the most innovative things I've seen in a long time."

Chuck Kuemmerle

Harvey's Lock Shop, Rapid City, SD


"That's genius!"

Austin Curry

Benny's Security Solutions, Tampa, FL


"Now I can use my deadbolt.

Before it was too hard to work."

Linsey Garwacki, homeowner


"I never knew my back door deadbolt did not throw all the way, making it easy to pry open.

Sure-Strike provided me security with ease of use."

Jack Stone, homeowner


"I've not been able to lock our patio door

in five years. Sure-Strike has provided a fit so tight we are not losing air to the outside in the hot Texas summer."

Lorene O'Neil, homeowner


"What a great idea! Why didn't I think of that?"

Alan Ronchetti

AGR Locksmiths, Brigantine, NJ


"The adjustability of Sure-Strike is amazing!"

Bill Winfrey

American Locksmith, Seven Points, TX

Strike door security hardware for alignment, strike plate, strike plate repair, and strike plate replacement
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