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Want to replace a cover plate because you have changed finishes on your deadbolt or door hardware?  Your Sure-Strike is still working like the day you received it, so just replace the cover plate.


SKU: 10009-04-AB
  • Sure-Strike makes deadbolts dead-on. Having trouble locking your deadbolts? Worried about door security? Always moving your strike plate when the weather changes? Then trash that useless piece of metal you have on your doorframe right now and install a Sure-Strike, the revolutionary strike plate. The patented Sure-Strike brings your home's strike plate - and door security - into the 21st century. Your door really isn't secure without Sure-Strike. Take a long look at your strike plate. If it's like 99% of what's on the market today, it's just over 2 inches long and held on by tiny 3/4" screws. Why does that matter? When someone tries to kick in your door, they only need enough force to rip out the strike plate on your doorjamb. Only a few kicks stand between a criminal and your family, your home, and your possessions - even if you have an expensive deadbolt. Adding a Sure-Strike is like extending your deadbolt deep into the frame of your home.

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